My name is Kearah-Armonie and I am an artist. This blog is a peep into my life, What I like and What I do. Enjoy :)

OKAY, Here’s a little breakdown.

 The first photo is of the Marley Twist hairstyle. Marley Twists are similar to Senegalese Twists, braided at the root, except using Marley Braid Hair(which is coarse synthetic/kanekalon hair, more coarse than afro-kinky hair.)

   The second photo is of the Havana Twist hairstyle. Havana Twists are large shoulder length twists which are twisted at the root for a natural look. There is a specific blend of hair for this style which is less kinky than Marley Braid hair and Afro Kinky hair but thicker/fluffier than 100% kanekalon jumbo braid(the hair used for box braids).

   The last photo is of Havana Twists done with the Marley Braid hair. Which is why a lot of people get the styles mixed up. They are basically chunky Marley Twists, mostly because the type of hair for Havana Twists is not very easy to find. This style can also be done with the method of twisting at the root for a more natural look.

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